Activity Descriptions

Youngers (Yellow)

Olders (Blue)

All Campers (Yellow+Blue=Green)

Jacob's Ladder

Here we have Shamrock demonstrating her prototype.

Hammering. May need adult help.

Presented by: Shamrock

Instructions Recorded Here - Jacob's Ladder Woodworking Project on YouTube

Jacob's Ladder, Blue Room

Cedar Bird House

Hammering. May need adult help.

Presented by: Kit Kat

Bird House Plans

Mini Corn-Hole Set

Sewing, Hammering, May need adult help! Each camper gets a set of 2 with bean bags to sew around 3 edges.

Here's one way we can practice our aim!

Presented by Shamrock

Shamrock teaching us how to sew the beanbags!

Shamrock teaching us how to make the Corn-hole!

Corn Hole Yellow Room (Youngers)

Corn Hole Blue Room (Olders)

Corn Hole Rules

Edible Fires

Your Girl Scout will learn the parts of how to make a fire, safely! (Most dietary restrictions will be accommodated, we will let you know if there is something we can't provide. )

Presented by: Everybody and Dixie

Edible Fire Building Activity (.pdf)

Fire Building Safety (.pdf)

Solar Oven

(Possibly: Just Olders "Live Session" and Youngers "Replay")

We think we are so clever that the box that we are delivering our Camp -- can ALSO be made into a Solar Oven! Watch out S'mores! We are so excited to make you!

Presented by: Everybody

Solar Ovens, Blue Room

Kite Making

Shamrock has done this project with Daisies at a "Daisy Day" on got 100% of them in the air! Tyvek material, wooden dowels, and sharpies to decorate your own sled kite!

Presented by: Shamrock

Sled Kit Instructions

Kites, Yellow Room


Girl Scouts will receive a working compass. Being able to work a compass is an important skill on the trail!

Presented by: Spider

Compasses Yellow Room

Guided Painting

Shamrock is a gifted artist and teacher! This year we are loving our Sasquatch, and are delighting with this folk art version! It will be beautiful and something wonderful to follow along with.

Shamrock believes in the power of "yet." Shifting "I can't do this" to "I can't do this... yet!"

Presented by: Shamrock

Shamrock teaching us how to paint Sasquatch

Painting, Blue Room (Olders)

Younger Campers will identify the animal that goes with the track. Older Campers will explore habitat and diet related to those tracks! Bandanas made with love from Kit Kat, Captain, and Spider!

Presented by: Kit Kat

Fleece Dog Toys

Campers will have supplies to make 2! Enough to give one away, and one to keep! This is a way we can "Make the World a Better Place" with this wonderful service project!

Shamrock teaches us how to make dog ropes

Save the bees! We'll send you an assortment of native plant seeds, and have a session learning about bees and flowers!

Presented by: Kit Kat

Slideshow: Bee Friendly Flowers and Noxious Weeds

"Girl Scouts Together"

Patch included in the price!


One of Nobody's* Super Powers is leading and teaching Camp Songs! For sure we'll sing "Girl Scouts Together." Let us know if you have any special requests!

*"Nobody" is Christine's Camp Name.

Campfire Celebration

Unit Time

The week before camp, Campers are invited to meet their Unit and Unit Leaders (adults and teens) for connection and building relationships!

During "Green" time, Units will have "breakout room" time for the Campers to share about experiences, ask questions, and "Make New Friends!"

Night before Camp - Miss Piggy and Tybalt

Day 1 - Phoebe Buffay, The Rainbow Sunshines and Tybalt

Unit 2 - Beans and Tybalt

Juniper and Tybalt, Unit 3

Gizmo and Unit 4 with Tybalt

Tuesday Flag

Thursday Flag

Goats and Dogs

Alpenglow Day Camp's Mascot is a Goat! Do you know they are great mountain climbers? Come hang out with some goats and dogs!

Presented by: Mariposa

Grindy Farm: Mariposa's Goats & Working Dogs

Goats and Working Dogs with Goat Yoga


Campers receive a "Yarn Cake" with three rows already set!
Presented by: Yarn Over

YouTube: Crochet Yellow Room (Youngers)

YouTube: Crochet Blue Room (Olders)

First Aid

Campers receive an excellent First Aid Kit in their Box!

Come learn basic First Aid Strategies that all Campers should know to Be Prepared!

Presented by: Miss Piggy

First Aid Yellow - Youngers (Requirements for Brownie First Aid Badge)
> Some requirements for Cadette First Aid Badge

First Aid Blue - Olders (Requirements for Junior First Aid Badge)

Cadette First Aid Badge:

  • Watch the Blue Room slides and Videos

  • Watch the Yellow Room slides, and see the video about caring for children at Children’s Hospital AND the videos about Outdoor Injuries

  • Practice using everything in your First Aid Kit

  • Know the signs of shock and know how to treat it

First Aid Yellow Room Video