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Before Camp Begins: Monitored Messages // During Camp: Phone is attended

Google Announcement Only Group


One (or more) adults representing each camper must be subscribed to this Google Group. This is the MAIN form of communication we will use to send information to families about their Campers' participation.

*It is an "Announcement Only" group. You will only receive messages from the Director Team of Alpenglow Day Camp.

*Please add (whitelist) on your address book to ensure you receive them.

*You will be automatically added when your Campers' registration form is processed.

*More than one Care-Giver may be subscribed to this group. To add additional email addresses, indicate on the Registration Form.

*To add additional email addresses after your registration is submitted, please send a request to: This is a convenient option when more than one adult needs to be aware of the details of camp (schedule, login details, etc).

Alpenglow Day Camp Friends and Family Facebook Group

*Optional* and *Fun*

Don't wait until August to get to know Alpenglow Day Camp! Join the fun now! As a courtesy, all announcements will be posted on the Facebook Group. However, because Facebook controls who sees which information, this group is NOT a substitution for the Google Announcement Only Group.

This Facebook Group is an enhancement -- and tons of fun!

Alpenglow Day Camp Facebook Page

*Optional* and *Fun*

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