Payment Options:

Payment by Bank Transfer

Many local credit unions use POPMONEY. This is a simple "External Funds Transfer" that is free for most users. To use the "External Funds Transfer" option from your Credit Union or Bank (BECU, ICU, WECU), send your registration fees to:

Payment by Cash

Email: to arrange for pick up from one of our friendly Volunteer Staff!

Payment by Check or Money Order

Make your check or money order payable to: Alpenglow Day Camp, and send to:

Alpenglow Day Camp

C/O: Karen Dix - Colony

5714 143RD PL NE

Marysville, WA 98271

Financial Assistance

Alpenglow Day Camp accepts Financial Assistance EVENT* Grants from Girl Scouts of Western Washington. You must first apply for Girl Scouts of Western Washington Financial Assistance.

*GSWW is providing EVENT Grants for Camp-In-The-Box, not "Camp Grants." If your Girl Scout is eligible for any of the 3 eligible grants that can be customized for their experience, you may apply for Financial Assistance. GSWW Financial Assistance Member Guide demonstrates the process.

To apply for Financial Assistance for Alpenglow Day Camp-In-A-Box, please complete the Cookie Dough / Troop Funds / Financial Assistance Form.

Cookie Dough

Alpenglow Day Camp accepts Cookie Dough to help pay for part or all of our Camp Registration Fees. Complete the Cookie Dough / Troop Funds / Financial Assistance Form to get us your Cookie Dough Card number.

Troop Funds

Your troop can pay all or part of your Alpenglow Day Camp experience, if approved by your Troop. Complete the Cookie Dough / Troop Funds / Financial Assistance Form to get us in touch with your Troop Leader.

See our Alpenglow Day Camp Store to make a payment by credit or debit card.

Register for Girl Scouts Western Washington

Campers attending Alpenglow Day Camp must be current members of Girl Scouts of the United States of America. You can also check to see if your scout is eligible for Financial Assistance for camp during the registration process.

Register here:

  • Select Girl Scouts of Western Washington

  • $25.00 Registration Fee

  • Financial Assistance available.

  • Your Camper's Alpenglow Day Camp registration is not complete until our Registrar has confirmed registration on file.

  • To expedite this process, you can forward a copy of your registration confirmation to