Questions You Might Ask

How many campers can you serve?

Right now, we are holding registration limits at 75. We feel like this is the maximum number that we can take care of with a high degree of quality that Alpenglow Day Camp is committed to providing.

Given how quickly other camps are selling out -- we also expect to sell out.

How will I know if my Girl Scout is registered?

A complete registration is two parts:

  1. A complete registration form.

  2. Payment OR Complete Financial Assistance Request OR Complete Cookie Dough Submission.

Once those things are received, you will receive a confirmation email from: confirming your Girl Scout's place in our Camp-In-A-Box.

My Girl Scout is not from GSWW, can I register?

Registration is limited to 75 participants. The first two weeks are held for members of Girl Scouts of Western Washington. After that, beginning Saturday, July 18th, you are welcome to complete your registration if space is available.

I have more than one Girl Scout to register, can I save on shipping costs?

No. Everything fits in a box. Perfectly. #WeAreAmazingLikeThat.

How will you coordinate the Zoom Technology?

We think we are quite brilliant for this plan!

There are FOUR Zoom Meeting Rooms, divided by age:

  • Yellow Room - Youngers (Y-Yellow, Younger)

  • Blue Room - Olders

  • Green Room - Everyone (Yellow + Blue = Green! #EasytoRemember!)

  • Purple Room - Everyone, including families, Thursday evening at 6:30pm-7:30pm

You will receive a schedule with a *password* by email. It will be the same Login and password each day, depending on which Meeting Room (yellow, blue, or green) your Girl Scout is joining.

*Unless there is a security breach, which we don't expect. But we think it is important to have back-up plans. #HeapsOfPreparation

Staff in each Meeting Room Session:

  • Person Leading the Activity (see Activity Descriptions for details)

  • Person who is Managing the Zoom Dashboard

  • 1-3 additional Adult and Teen Staff to manage the Chatroom, any breakout rooms, respond to activity questions.

I have more than one Camper. How will my family participate?

More than one Camper at a location may participate at a time using the login credentials we are sending you. If Campers are in different groups (Yellow or Blue), they will need to log on using different devices or choose who participates live, and who watches a replay (when offered). During combined (Green) sessions, Campers of differing ages may participate together.

Help! My technology is not working! Will you provide tech support?

No. That is outside the scope of our Volunteer capabilities right now.

Can I purchase the supplies on my own, and just do the Zoom Sessions?

No. We are taking extra-care to make sure 100% of what is needed goes in that box. We don't have the Volunteer-Mental-Space to triage something that isn't working because the supplies aren't perfect.

You can, however, watch the replays on YouTube on your own time.

Do I get a discount if I just buy the box, and don't attend Zoom?

No. The price is the supplies in the box. Zoom is the enhancement. Technology Fatigue is real, and if Girl Scouts don't want to be on Zoom, they can opt-out.

I have sticker shock! Is $100 a reasonable cost?

Yes. There are plenty of free camps available, and we are not that.

Our volunteers have developed high-quality outdoor-education activities that include things like painting, woodworking, and orienteering. Your Camper is provided 100% of the supplies they need to complete these projects, and use beyond our week of camp (such as paints and brushes, hammer, birdhouse, compass, animal track bandana.)!

Additionally, from our research, camp programs providing a full day of activities for a week are in the $150+ range, and still require you to go out and purchase items and procure things. All of our sessions are Volunteer-Led, allowing us to keep our fee at the reasonable price of $100.

NOTE: we will provide a $20 discount for families that choose the contactless Porch-Pickup option.

Will my Girl Scout need an Adult's Help?


Yes, if they are younger, and even some older Girl Scouts, are likely going to need adult hands for the hammering activities (bat house, Jacob's Ladder). We are being sensitive in our scheduling to make sure that we spread out those probable "extra hands needed"activities so Grown-Ups at home are not having to spend their whole day catering to our Girl Scout Camp.

We do encourage you to support your Camper doing as much as they can on their own. #GrowthMindset

I have registered my Girl Scout, but am feeling overwhelmed by this. Help?

We will schedule an optional "practice" time where you can check and see if your technology works. Also, ask us Questions! We can't possibly think of all of the things (even though we are brilliant, and are confident we are doing #HeapsOfPreparation), and welcome any questions so we can work together to set ourselves up for success.

Optional Family Practice Session: Date, Time TBA.

How long will each session be?

We are guessing Activity Sessions (#2, 3, 4) will last an hour-ish. But we don't know for sure because we've never tried this before. #Experiment #AdventureIsTheGirlScoutWay

Our Opening Session (#1) will be shorter. Probably.

How will my Girl Scout create connections and friendships in this Virtual Situation?

In groups of 10-15 or so, we will create a "unit." The week before camp, we will offer optional get-to-know-you Zoom Calls with your Unit Leaders (adults) and Teen Leaders. There might be a fun scavenger hunt, a few fun songs and chants, a visit about what is important to your Girl Scout to create connection.

Some combination of these Unit Leaders (adults and teens) will attend these sessions with your Girl Scout (in the Yellow, Blue, or Green Room), so there is a familiar face.

The next morning, the Unit Leaders will meet in Break Out Sessions with the Unit and have a chance to talk about their favorite parts of the day before, and show and tell about any completed work (or works in progress!).

Is it the same as a week outside with people who will become your best friends for life (just ask Nobody and Everybody how well that worked out for them!)? No. And, this is us making the best of a difficult situation.

This is not a question, but a comment:

You have the best Volunteer Staff ever!

Yes. Thank you for noticing! We think so, too!

I have a schedule conflict. Does my Camper have to attend the activity with their color group?

No, your Camper may select the times and activities that work best for your schedule. All families will receive the daily schedule for all of the sessions, and you can log in to the one that works best for you.

That being said,

1) "Yellow" content is geared for "younger" Campers and "blue" content is geared for "older" Campers. We use "quotes" because it's not a hard/fast rule. It's more like an '-ish.'

2) The videos of all classes will be uploaded to YouTube, so you can wait to watch the replay.

3) Your Camper's Unit will not be there, so the support of familiar faces may be different. This is fine though because we #MakeNewFriends here.

4) We reserve the right to change our mind on a case-by-case basis, because we are still in the phase of making this up. But generally, we like to be a yes.